Underwater Park Verudela

Ližnjemoro 26
+385 (0)99 6750308

The beauties of the Istrian coast are well known, and it is now possible, in a simple and fun way to learn more about the Istrian underwater world in an unusual way. Underwater Park Verudela is a unique experience that are not required almost no preconditions, but only a desire for new experiences. Located on the peninsula near Pula, laid out on nearly 200 square meters underwater, a depth he goes up to 4 meters. Access to the park is from the coast and only what you need for the descent into the depths of the Istrian - helmet. It is especially designed for this adventure, weighs 40 kilograms in order to keep visitors on the bottom of the sea, and is placed just before the descent into the sea. Rubber tube is connected to a bank of oxygen allowing normal breathing, and movement. Opening hours: 10.VI - 15.IX: 10:00 - 19:00 Price: 200.00 EUR per person Note: Announce group


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